About our owner: Born and raised Mexico City, Paco Cendón began tattooing in the 90's and owned a tattoo shop in Playa del Carmen, México before moving to Austin, TX with his wife and son in the early 2000's. He found himself a job as a tattooer and, eventually, manager of the Atomic Tattoo location in the space which Electric 13 Tattoo would eventually take over in 2007.

Considered a versatile and skilled artist, he has provided Austin with all styles of tattoos and top-level customer service for over 20 years. Working 6 days a week, most of our clients walk in to our shop and are immediately greeted by him as he works on clients at the front of the shop.

He is never one to shy away from telling prospective clients the absolute truth about tattoos in regard to what is and isn't doable and how stuff is liable to heal. Tattooing is his life, and he wants all those who walk through our door to know that we operate on a strict policy of passion, honesty and quality.

In 2019, a second location would eventually open up in Austin's historic east side. Despite having survived the pandemic, our original Guadalupe location closed it's doors in July of 2022 after 15 years. The current home of Electric 13 Tattoo is 1618 E 6th St, right above our friends, Liberty Bar.